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Arun Lal Wife:- Arun Lal is well known as the current coach of the Bengal cricket team who leads the team in 16 Tests and 13 ODIs. Arun Lal is making headlines after revealing the news of his marriage. Arun Lal will marry a second time to his long time friend. Who is Arun Lal’s Second wife?. Scroll down and let’s check the latest information about Arun Lal’s wedding. 

In this article, we will discuss Arun Lal’s Wife. Who is Arun Lal’s Wife?, Wedding, first wife, and more others. Connect us for the latest news about Arun Lal’s wedding. 

Arun Lal’s Wife

Arun Lal is a 66 years old aged man who is the current coach of the Bengal cricket team and is now getting married to his second wife Bul Bul Saha. This couple will married on 2nd May. After the announcement about Arun Lal’s wedding pictures are virals on the social media. Peoples are curious to want the information about his wife Bul Bul Saha. Who is Bul Bul Saha? Let’s check the details about Bul Bul Saha.

Who Is Bul Bul Saha?

Bul Bul Saha a 38 years old woman will be the second wife of Arun Lal. Arun Lal is a 66 years old man. Both are good friends for a long time and has a relationship with Bul Bul Saha for a long time. Arun Lal and Bul Bul Saha getting married on 2nd May 2022.Arun Lal has been taking care of his first wife Reena and has taken her consent to tie the knot with his current partner Bul Bul.

Arun Lal Wife

Who was Arun Lal’s First Wife?

Arun Lal was previously married to his first wife Reena. Reena and Arun parted ways with mutual consent and they divorced. Reena is currently battling with illness and she is currently living with renowned cricketer Arun Lal.

Arun Lal Wife

Arun Lal and Bul Bul Saha Age gap

Bul Bul Saha is a 38 years old and Arun Lal is 66 years old. Both tied the knot on May 2nd. They have an age gap of 28 years. He was a renowned cricketer who played domestic cricket for Delhi. He sent his wedding invitation for a wedding invite to the players of the Bengal cricket team, the officials of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), and other close family members and relatives. 

Arun Lal Wife

Arun Lal Social Media





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