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Ghost of Kyiv Wiki, Biography, Real or Urban Legend, Alive or Death

Ghost of Kyiv Wiki:-“The Ghost Of Kyiv” this pilot’s name is Vladimir Abdonov, he was the Ukrainian pilot who downed 6 Russian jets.

On Thursday, the president was to order Russian forces to invade Ukraine. Russian have killed 14 children and also killed 352 Ukraine, according to Reuters, and that information is now shown on the English Wikipedia page for the “2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine”.

The history of Wikipedia is the most different of this thing, which it says something about the Ukrainian spirit.

Now, we talk about the biography’s real name, alive or death &more

Ghost of Kyiv Wiki, Biography

The Ghost of Kyiv nickname is given by disputed and unconfirmed MiG-29 Fulcrum flying ace credited with shooting down six Russian planes in the Kyiv offensive on the date of 24 February 2022, according to the security service of Ukraine, on 27 February he was shot down 10 Russian jets, is to be not confirmed this is real, the Ghost of Kyiv has been credited as a morale booster for Ukrainians.

In social media the video is began widely circulating of fighter jets in Ukraine on day 1 of the Russian invasion in February 2022, the invasion was started claiming of a single pilot who shoot down multiple Russian jets. 

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Ghost of Kyin Wiki

“Ghost of Kyiv”Real or Urban Legend?

New Delhi: This information know about a Ukrainian fighter pilot who has been credited with shooting down 10 Russian jets on a Day invasion.

Though this claim is unverified, one reporter and the ministers of Ukrainian and sone local media have been said the pilot, whose identity is unknown and quickly got the name of “Ghost of Kyiv”, flew a MiG-29 on his road to becoming an ace – a pilot who scores five or more kills.

Some people call him the Ghost of Kyiv and are this one is the UAF ace dominates the skies over our country and capital, and he has a nightmare for invading Russian aircraft”, Ukraine was twitted with his personal official account.

Alive or Death

The Ghost of Kyiv is the name of jets MiG-29 fulcrum with shooting down six Russian jets during the Kyiv assault on February 24, 2022. The Ghost of Kyiv is most likely an urban legend, but the credited with providing significant morale to the Ukrainian people.

FAQ About Ghost of Kyiv

Q.1 Who is the Ghost of Kyiv?

Ans: “The Ghost Of Kyiv” name is Vladimir Abdonov.

Q.2 How many shot down the jets?

Ans: There are shooted down 6 Russian jets.

Q.3 what is the number Jet?

Ans: The number of jets is MiG-29.

Q.4 Which is the date of attack?

Ans: The date of the attack is 24 February 2022.

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