Is Laura Pregnant In 365 Days 2?

Is Laura Pregnant In 365 Days 2? Ending Explained, Shocking Twist

Is Laura Pregnant In 365 Days 2? Many viewers of Netflix are asking these questions and searching on the internet about this. In the 355 Days, series are so many casts member and one of the names is Laura.

Earlier in this episode, Laura’s family is hit by the rival mafia but she survived. Now the next episode started with Laura and Massimo’s marriage.

In that episode, Laura revealed that she is pregnant. Now all the fans of this series wanted to know about Is Laura Pregnant In 365 Days 2? Husband Name and marriage details or more information.

Is Laura Pregnant In 365 Days 2?

Laura tells that she is pregnant at the beginning of the episode. She had to notify Massimo about this. She also tells Olga about her baby lost during the rival mafia attack. All of this incident and pregnant news she tells her partner Massimo.

Laura is also worried that, if she tells him, he will be angry and can fight with all mafia, and the situation made worse. SO We can say that Laura is pregnant and expecting a child.

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