Molly Dattilo Death

Molly Dattilo Death, Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Molly Dattilo Death:- Molly Dattilo is a student of Indiana University who was dreams to got to an American Idol audition. Molly was a talented personality. She also takes private voice lessons and works hard to get better. Dattilo was disappeared on July 6, 2004. She was not found until,  Investigation Discovery’s ‘Still a Mystery. 

This article will provide all the details about Molly Dattilo ‘s personal life and family background. But first of all, we will consult Molly Dattilo Death.

Molly Dattilo Death

Molly Dattilo vanished on June 13, 1982. Molly attended classes at around 7 pm and went to a local fast food restaurant. Molly has her own cell phone and made a phone call to her friend from a gas station, and disconnected before the friend could talk. Indiana police investigated Molly she had not been found. Molly’s case makes the local tv news stations. 

Her case become lengthy and her missing case was enacted all over the country. Dattilo’s family won a $3.5 million judgment against Shelton and his father in 2010 for alleging the two men in Dattilo’s disappearance. Shelton was arrested. John Shelton was released from prison in 2014

After a decade of Dattilo’s disappearance and not found her parents legally declared dead in 2017. Dattilo’s family helps with an annual 5k in the honor of Molly Dattilo.

Molly Dattilo Wiki, Biography, Age

Molly Dattilo was born on June 13, 1982, as the youngest of nine children. She was dreams to go to an American Idol audition, and she attended private voice lessons and work hard to get better.

Molly was named in the Top 10 of High School runners in the state of Indiana and she offered a scholarship to attend Eastern Kentucky University. 

Dattilo earns her degrees from both Indiana University and Purdue University, and she was a student of Indiana University–Purdue University of Indianapolis. Dattilo vanished on Tuesday, July 6, 2004. She was not found until,  Investigation Discovery’s ‘Still a Mystery. 

Molly Dattilo Parents & Siblings

Molly Dattilo’s parents details and her other family details are not shown at now on the web. Molly was one of nine siblings to her parents. Her father died in December 2005 he never know what happened to his youngest daughter. 

Molly Dattilo Nationality

Now we are talking about nationality, She belongs to…American nationality.

Molly Dattilo Height & Weight

If we are talking about Molly Dattilo ‘s height and weight. She stands at her height of 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her weight is 58 kg. (approx). Molly Dattilo is known for her beautiful look.

Molly Dattilo Boyfriend

Molly Dattilo’s marital status is uncovered. She undisclosed her personal life information and wants to keep her all personal information private. 

Molly Dattilo Ethnicity

Now we are talking about Molly Dattilo ethnic background. We want to tell you that her ethnic details remain unknown. So her ethnicity is Caucasian

Molly Dattilo Net Worth

Now, we talk about Molly Dattilo ‘s net worth, her current net worth is approx $1-2 million. 

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