Shihab Chittur Wife,

Shihab Chittur Wife, Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Nationality & More.

Shihab Chittur Wife:- Shihab Chittur is well known as a 29 years old man who is being popular in his decision for accomplishing Hajj 2023 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Shihab is the first guy in Kerela in the 21st century who will be able to reach Mecca. Shihab began his journey in July of 2022 for attending Hajj 2023. He will l travel via India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia before arriving in Makkah for Haj in February 2023.  Shahib has now entered Gujarat and walks 25 k.m. in a day. 

In this article, we discuss Shihab Chittur Wife. Is Shihab Chittur married?.

Shihab Chittur Wife

Shihab Chittur’s marital status is uncovered. He did not disclose his personal life information and wants to keep his information private. 

Shihab Chittur Age, Biography

Shihab Chittur is 29 years old in 2022. He took birth in Kerala, India. He has a zodiac sign that is Aquarius.  He holds Indiannationality.

Shihab Chittur Parents & Family

Shihab Chittur has birthed to his parents in Kerala, India. His parents’ names are unavailable. He did not disclose his personal life information. 

Shihab Chittur Nationality & Nationality

Now we are talking about Shihab Chittur‘s nationality he belongs to the Indian nationality.

Shihab Chittur Wife,

Shihab Chittur Height, Weight

If! we are talking about Shihab Chittur’s height. He stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. Now was are talking about Shihab Chittur’s weight. So we tell you that his weight is 70 kg.

 Shihab Chittur’s Net Worth

If! we are talking about Shihab Chittur’s Net Worth. We want to tell you that he has a net worth approx $500k.

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FAQ About Shihab Chittur

Q.1 Who is Shihab Chittur?

Ans. Shihab Chittur is a native of Kerela, India who decided to accomplish Hajj 2023 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Q.2 Who is Shihab Chittur’s Wife?

Ans. Shihab Chittur’s wife’s name is not known. 

Q.3 What is Shihab Chittur’s net worth?

Ans.  Shihab Chittur’s net worth is $500k. 

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