Sophie Bdaba Illness

Sophie Bdaba Illness & Health Updates, What Happned to Her & Where Is She Today?

Sophie Bdaba Illness:-  Sophie Bdaba is well recognized as a South African actress who is additionally known by her stage name Sophie Lichaba. In 2022 Sophie is going with a number of health challenges. She faced diabetes and mental health issues. Sophie was admitted to the Hospital with a serious health problem. 

What Happened To Her?

Sophie Bdaba was born in South Africa on June 29, 1973. She was birthed as Mphasane and is also known by her stage name Sophie Lichaba. She made her appearance in the Generations soap drama as Queen Moroka and made her guest appearance in 2016 at the Miss South Africa 2016 beauty pageant as a special guest judge.

Sophie Bdaba-Lishaba, a representative of Previous Generations said to Sunday World Lishaba was not feeling well. One of her family members Ndaba-Lichaba went to the clinic due to melancholy and high blood sugar.

Sophie Bdaba lived in her home at Johanishberg with her husband Max Leshapa. She has made her acting appearance in brands movies and television series.

Where Is She Today?

Sophie Bdaba faced serious health issues and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. She has a medical condition due to blood sugar levels, depression, and mental health issues. She went to the Morningside Clinic on Wednesday. Bdaba talked about her depression and weight loss in an interview with Radio 2000. 

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