Trina Hunt Husband

Trina Hunt Husband (Iain Hunt), Missing, Death, Man Arrested In Connection To 2021 Homicide of Port Moody Trina.

Trina Hunt Husband:- Trina Hunt who was a resident in Vancouver, Canada, and was a former “digital detox” indicates a kind-hearted woman who was beyond helping people who went missing from her Port Moody home. 

Trina Hunt Missing & Death

Trina Hunt and her husband Iain Hunt went on a weekend at her favorite campground on January 16, 2021. Iain left her home for work at around 6 am on 18 January 2021 when Trina was sleeping. Iain was returned home at 4 p.m and he found missing Trina. T

Iain called the police and the police inquiry about all things in the house, their main door was open, all windows were open and all systems were unlocked. Trina wants to prefer windows and door locks. Trina was going missing, was in a danger and she was kidnapped?. She had no financial problems, no marital problems, or mental health issues.

Police searches Trina Hunt everywhere and they found that Trina and Iain visited in “digital detox”. Police found Trina’s dead body after three months of her missing. 

Police found a dead body on 1 Mary 2021 and released a statement that they had identified the dead body as Trina Hunt. Police reveals that this case was a homicide and an investigation was ongoing. 

Trina Hunt Husband

Man Arrested In Connection To 2021 Homicide of Port Moody Trina.

Port Moody police arrested a man in the connection to the homicide of Trina Hunt. Police say that they arrested a man on 3rd June at around 4 p.m but they did not disclose the identities of the suspected officially. The charges have not been laid. Trina was 48 years old at the time of her disappearance and she was last seen by her husband Iain. 

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