What Is The PBV-501 Panzer?

What Is The PBV-501 Panzer?, Germany Provides Schützenpanzer To Ukraine & Everyone Is Concerned.

What Is The PBV-501 Panzer?

The PBV-501 Panzer is the ammunition which is a modified version of BMP-1.  Germany sends to help Ukraine as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues.
They have delivered a number of armaments and weaponry to Ukraine and PBV-501 is one of the ammunition that Ukraine received.

What Is The PBV-501 Panzer?

The PBV-501 Panzer is a modified variant of BMP-1 that does not have its own Wikipedia page yet. The Soviet Union produced the BMP-1, an infantry fighting vehicle tank. It is dedicated to Boyevaya Mashina Pyekhoty 1 literally signifies to “first serial model infantry fighting vehicle.”

Soviet Union’s first efficiently manufactured infantry battling vehicle (IFV) was the BMP-1 and it was known by its actual name NATO was designed it the M-1967, BMP, and BMP-76PB. 

             ⚡️Germany approved the transfer of 56 PbV-501 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.⚡️

Germany Provides Ammunition Named PBV- 501 Panzer To Ukraine

The Ukrainian army received ammunition from Germany delivered by the Federal Security Council. As a result, Ukraine will get 56 infantry fighting vehicles, from the German Democratic Republic’s National People’s Army stockpiles. Germany sent extra arms to the Ukrainian army. According to the sources, this approval by the own German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht.

The National People’s Army of the GDR received orders covering 58 infantry fighting vehicles previously. A Czech company owns the armored personnel carriers and wants to sell them to Ukraine.

The PBV-501 armored personnel military vehicle was equipped with cannons and machine guns, standard issued to the Warsaw Pact military. The fighting tanks were sent r after Germany’s reunification, to the Bundeswehr and then to the Swedish army at the end of the 1990s.

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