Who Are Michael and Carolyn Watkins? Jessica Watkins Parents

Who Are Michael and Carolyn Watkins? Jessica Watkins Parents, Nationality, NASA Astronaut, Ethnicity, Siblings, Age & More

Who Are Michael and Carolyn Watkins? Mom and dad of Jessica Watkins, who is a NASA astronaut, and the family send off the first black woman astronaut on extended ISS (International Space Station) Misson.

She is 33 years old and was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland to Michael and Carolyn Watkins. During her school time, she played rugby but now she is a famous NASA astronaut, geologist, and fifth black woman in the NASA Space mission.

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Who Are Michael and Carolyn Watkins? Jessica Watkins Parents

Michael Watkins and Carolyn Watkins are the Mom, Dad of Jessica Watkins. Their daughter Jessica was born on May 14, 1988, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States.

Michael Watkins and Carolyn Watkins’s professional details and other personal information are not mentioned yet, so we update soon all the details in this blog.

Jessica Watkins Parents (Mom, Dad) Siblings, Photos

Jessica Watkins is a NASA Astronaut, Geologist and fifth black woman for NASA’s Space station mission. She spend six months on the ISS.

Watkins says about this;

“I am just really honored to be part of the long legacy of Black astronauts and Black women astronauts who came before me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a small part in that toward an exciting future as well,” she said.

This moment is a lot to her family and friends.

Jessica Watkins Cousion sister Christina Watkins speak with the media and said;

“I am really excited for Jessie. I think the pictures of her landing here at Kennedy Space Center, just her smile. The way that she’s so light-hearted and everything cracks her up, the giggles. I just think you see the joy she’s experiencing in this moment and that just makes my heart so happy. She’s living her best life,” said Watkins’ older sister, Jasmine Watkins.

Jessica Watkins’s sister’s names are Jasmine Watkins older than her and Christina Watkins.

From Childhood, she is very active and always wanted to be an astronaut. She also tried sports and become a rugby player. Check the list of African-American Astronauts on Wikipedia. 

Jessica Watkins Ethnicity, Nationality

Jessica Watkin’s ethnicity is Black. She holds American Nationality according to the LatestinBollywood.Com.

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